Asli Umut Asli Umut Filmmaker
Cocteau spends her days isolated in her flat observing other people's lives trying to find inspiration for her writing. On the day that her estranged father dies, she meets her young and wild neighbour Alicia and starts falling for her.

Starring Chereen Buckley & Deanna Rodger
Producer David Zaidov
Writer / Director Asli Umut
Director of Photography Yen-Ju Lee
Camera Operator Yanqi Chen
Production Designer Zoya Machkina
Editor Farnoosh Rezapour

We Were Waves Once has premiered in Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival and screened several more in the USA before it made its way back to the UK and finalised its festival run at the London Short Film Festival 2017. 

Here's an article about New Queer Cinema from Dazed where We Were Waves Once was mentioned. 

July, 2015

London, UK