Editor | Protest (Documentary)

Protest is a collaborative effort to understand the life of an extra ordinary man we, three film students/flatmates walked past everyday in our neighbourhood in Ankara, Turkey. 
Protest tells the story of a homeless man, Yusuf Bolat, who stands in front of the American Embassy in Ankara day and night to protest the government for denying him entry and consequently separating him from his wife and two kids. The film explores his story's truth claim, by showing not only his point of view but also the different aspects told by the people who live or work in the neighbourhood and are acquainted with him. 

Director Aslı Umut
Producer Melis Burkay
Director of Photography Sercan Yersen
Editors Ada Cakar, Asli Umut, Sercan Yersen 
Sound Mix Sercan Yersen 

June, 2012
Ankara, Turkey