Video Artist | Female Archenemy

In May 2012, I took part in a Found-Footage Film Workshop held in Goethe Institute Ankara by the German found-footage video artist Volker Schreiner and Turkish video artist Ege Berensel. After a week of intense work, the group has parted to work on their own films separately during the summer. In October, the second part of the workshop took place under Volker's mentoring and my film was screened at the Goethe Institute.

The idea behind the film is to emphasise the verbal and physical abuse and violence practiced by women on women. The found footage used in the film are from the so-called "Yesilcam", the golden era of the Turkish cinema in the 60's. The women used are most iconic stars of the Turkish screens and mostly represent the good and pious women. However, the subtitles are voiced by their archenemies, mostly their mother-in-laws. These films echo a culture where westernised, modern women are often criticised and even demonised by the older and more traditionalist generation.